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Our experts do the work, while you remain focused on your business.
Bigger Tenant Needs

Meeting the requirements of the bigger tenant necessitates a thorough understanding of the market and the players, and special analytical and research skills and services - all of which will affect your bottom line
The key to successful Tenant Representation is knowledge - knowledge about the client's business plan, operational issues, funding, employee base, and more. Office Locator and its members combine our dedication to each client's interests with our thorough understanding of your market area and our knowledge of the economy and current real estate trends. Then we go to work.
After understanding our clients' objectives and issues, we sort through the preliminary options, and begin a detailed evaluation using both objective and subjective criteria. We look beyond the rental rates, terms and conditions and pull each possibility apart before presenting it to our clients. Our representatives are an integral part of this process, lending critical perspectives to the evaluations of facility and construction issues with lease negotiation. The end result is a selection of meaningful choices for our clients that can help them meet their short and long-term goals.
Office Locator is proud of our reputation as energetic and respected tenant representatives. We represent a wide range of clients, including those in the high tech industry, non-profit institutions and family operated businesses.


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