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Our experts do the work, while you remain focused on your business.
About Us

Office Locator was formed to provide an exclusive service to tenants. Our representatives are committed to identifying real estate that meets your ideal requirements. We are dedicated not only to finding your ideal space, but locating that space within your time frame and budget. Your satisfaction is our primary objective. Office Locator members come from large and small companies including most of the well known commercial real estate companies. We specialize in tenant representation in your local market.

Dot Your agent represents you.
Dot Your agent has no allegiances to particular buildings or owners.
Dot Your agent spends all of their time investigating spaces and working for you.
Dot We locate the best space, within your time frame, at the right price and within your budget.
Dot More than 90 percent of R.E firms represent specific buildings or building owners.
Dot when not represented, agents put the building owner’s needs first and your requirements second – when time permits.
Dot Our tenant representatives use leading edge technology that give them the tools necessary to research data and locate the right space.
Dot Your Office Locator Tenant Broker truly works for you and your success!!


Our services are free with no obligation Give us a try!

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